about Me

I have been working in the technology sector since 2000. I started out in technical training, designing and delivering Unix classes to system administrators.

After realizing how much I loved working with customers and learning about various industry requirements, I moved into product management, working on Oracle's collaboration suite for over 5 years.

in 2007 I moved into product marketing, working for companies like Vircom, Kronos, and LexisNexis. 

Some of my accomplishments include complete rebranding (Vircom  m-blade firewall servers), product launches with record-breaking sales results (Oracle Secure Database), and Website optimization leading directly to increased revenue.


I am currently employed @ Amilia



  • Website development | squarespace, WordPress, CSS


  • Google Adwords, Analytics, Webmaster console

  • Video Production | webinars

  • Marketing Automation | Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Zoho

  • Creative writing | Blog author

  • Digital advertising

  • Project Management

  • Content marketing

  • Strategic planning & Budgeting



Google Academy for Ads

AdWords Video Certification


Some of the challenges I have successfully addressed

  1. Does your marketing team know how to optimize a website goal flow?

  2. Have you ever hosted a webinar that attracted over 100 attendees?

  3. Did your last trade show yield actionable leads that converted into paying customers?

  4. Is your content specialist able to produce a compelling blog post in less than a day?

  5. Is your sales team willingly and efficiently collaborating with your marketing department?